Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing

I have been studying shamanic healing techniques of various traditional cultures and connecting them with the latest findings of modern psychology for more than twenty-five years. I have a deep respect for all these indigenous teachings and try to preserve the original pure unaltered form, connection with the lineage and the way of transmission. Among my teachers is the Canadian Blackfoot medicine man Pablo Russell. I am also a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine Healing certified by The Four Winds Society, founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, who has been learning in the Andes from the Quero shamans for many decades and who now consider him their elder. I completed several long-term stays in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas, and followed the teachings of Khandro Rinpoche, Tendzin Wangyal Rinpoche and other masters.

We can understand the figure of a shaman in these ancient traditions and indigenous cultures as a predecessor of today’s psychotherapist, doctor and priest in one person. The difference is that, while the traditional psychology focuses primarily on the level of psyche and the health care system treats the body, the energy medicine healing is based on the holistic principle of balance of all crucial levels of personality – physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual.

Therefore the energy healing is not focused on the elimination of an unpleasant symptom, like it is in western medicine, but the goal of the healing practices is to restore the overall balance. When the harmony in our energy body is renewed, the symptoms often disappear on their own. Thus instead of dealing with the symptom only we check what distorts the natural homeostasis and with the help of specific shamanic energy healing techniques we create a new form of a healthy life equilibrium. Working directly with the luminous energy field has a number of advantages. Among the main benefits is that the shaman works outside of space and time. So energy healing can (with the client’s consent) be done remotely, for example in the form of online healing session. It also allows correction on a more subtler level even before the imbalance manifests in the body. By changing the imprints in the energy body, the physical body is also transformed, as well as emotions, mind and psyche. These imprints, patterns that are often passed down in families from one generation to another, have a great influence on our health, relationships, satisfaction, the way we live, feel, perceive and die. Hence a change in the energy field brings a significant change in life. Introduction to some of the energy healing practices.

During illumination we identify, cleanse and finally rewrite dysfunctional imprints in the luminous energy field and individual chakras. Releasing of the negative imprints is followed by the illumination part where we harmonize the energy body.

During extraction we remove intrusive energies from our luminous energy field. These energies do not belong in our energy field yet they reside there depriving us of our vitality and life force, which we then lack in order to be healthy and happy. These disturbing energies are released in a very respectful and loving way along with the themes associated with why they appeared in your lives.

Cord Cutting
sets us free from the dysfunctional aspects of relationships with people and topics around us. There are two kinds of cords with people and topics around us. The first are loving respectful bonds where giving and receiving are in harmony. These cords are good for us and they nourish and support us. On the contrary unhealthy cords drain us and prevent us from thriving in life. By cutting them we liberate and empower our true selves.

Soul Retrieval
When we experience trauma or any form of strong emotional upheaval a part of our soul is often dissociated. These parts are usually healthy, pristine aspects of our psyche which cannot bear the pain so they disconnect and hide deep in the unconsciousness. There they wait in safety sometimes for ages until we are able to re-establish contact with them once again. In order to recover these lost soul parts I take journey on your behalf into the unconsciousness to find these fragments and take them back. Together with the client we integrate and reactivate them. This deep powerful process brings many gifts, including the unique possibility of liberation from trauma and experiencing one’s own wholeness.

Various rituals have always been and always will be an important part of our lives. They help us to create and sustain harmony with ourselves and the world around us. The rites of passage provide initiation and guidance. They help us to pass through important and demanding changes in life in a more mature, wise and empowering way.