What I Offer

I can offer you professional counselling, consultations and therapy focused
on personal development and healing, help and support through difficult life situations
I am also a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine.

The goal of the therapy is to connect clients with their inner guidance so that they themselves can discover, springing from their heart and soul, the unique and authentic solution to their difficulties. Subsequently, the therapeutic process then helps clients to implement the necessary changes leading to healing and integration.
Holistic intuitive therapy is based on an individual approach to each and everyone, respecting that each personality is unique and special. It aims to deal directly with the deep causes of the imbalance of the psyche, not only with the symptoms manifesting on the surface. It applies the latest scientific findings of modern psychology and neurology as well as traditional healing shamanic techniques aimed at working with the human energy field. This kind of approach enables harmonisation on a very deep level of being.


Deep holistic therapy

Shamanic Energy Medicine
healing sessions (more)

Work with dreams and symbols

Active imagination (more)

Help with relationship difficulties (in the family, couple, friendship, work relations)

Couples counselling

Dealing with losses of a beloved person (separation, divorce, death)

Aid with emotional disharmony (suffering from pain, fear, anxiety, insecurity, imbalance, dissatisfaction)

Support on the path of individuation and life orientation

Healing rites and rites of passage honouring the beginning or end of significant life chapters

Restoring natural harmony

Meditation and relaxation techniques

Crisis intervention

Art therapy

Women’s spirituality

Feminine and maternity issues (menstruation cycle, menopause, conception issues, pregnancy, birth, relationship, marriage, parenting)

All the services listed above are provided both in person and online.